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The Issue

How Bad is the Problem in California?


California’s Legal Climate Continues to Get Worse

California ranks 50th in the Institute for Legal Reform’s latest survey of the lawsuit climates in each of the 50 states, a regular assessment of state liability systems conducted by the respected, nonpartisan Harris Interactive market research firm. That’s down from 48th in the previous survey.

Making matters worse, Los Angeles, San Francisco – and the state as a whole – were among the four least-fair jurisdictions in the entire nation.

How bad is the problem? On average, more than four class action lawsuits are filed in California every day the courts are open for business. Plaintiffs’ lawyers file suit here because they know the courts are often willing to certify class actions that aren’t accepted in other states, and that our juries are more willing than most to award costly verdicts in civil cases.

The state’s continued failure to enact meaningful legal reform has a price: at a time when unemployment is growing, for many companies the legal climate impacts decisions of where to locate, expand, and create jobs. 

Isn’t it time our policy makers take a hard look at meaningful legal reform?

Are You the Victim of a Frivolous Lawsuit?

Are you fighting a lawsuit that appears to be unjust, unbalanced or without merit? We want to hear from you!


Prop 64

A Major Success Story in the Fight Against Lawsuit Abuse

On November 2, 2004, Californians voted 59.1% to 40.9% to stop extortion lawsuits being brought by private lawyers under the state’s unique Unfair Competition Law. The victory came after a carefully crafted, $14.5 million campaign funded by an unusually broad spectrum of the business community whose members had been victims of shakedown lawsuits for years leading up to the election.

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