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FairPAC IE, Sponsored by the Civil Justice Association of California engages in state level races to promote election of candidates in the California Legislature who will stand for fairness and balance in our civil justice system. 

The litigation burden in California is a top reason companies find it difficult to invest, grow, and stay in our state. We need more legislators in California who will work to fight against frivolous litigation and abuses of our civil justice system.

Contributions to FairPAC Independent Expenditure Committee are not tax deductible.

FairPAC Independent Expenditure Committee is a state general purpose recipient committee organized to make independent expenditures supporting and opposing candidates in California.  It does not make contributions to state candidates, and is permitted to accept unlimited donations from individuals, PACs, corporations, partnerships, LLCs, nonprofit organizations, and any other sources not prohibited by law.   

If your contribution(s) to this committee and to other California state or local committees total(s) $10,000 or more in a calendar year, California law requires you to file disclosure reports as a Major Donor Committee.  For assistance with your filing obligations, contact the Fair Political Practices Commission toll-free at (866) ASK-FPPC, send an email to, or refer to their website:

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