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Appellate Center

Appellate Center

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The Civil Justice Association of California is the only organization that systematically reviews every appellate case filed in the California Supreme Court and the state’s six courts of appeal.

With approximately 15,000 appeals filed annually, this initially requires screening 1,200 briefs a month. On the average, eight percent of these involve liability and civil procedure issues of interest to CJAC. A third of these are of sufficient importance to be brought before CJAC’s Appellate Committee.

Briefs filed by the Civil Justice Association of California have helped produce important decisions with significant cost savings to businesses over the years.

CJAC’s Appellate Center program is supervised by an Appellate Committee made up of CJAC Board of Director members. The committee meets regularly to determine which cases merit CJAC’s participation as amicus curiae.


Amicus Topics

CJAC amicus briefs span a broad variety of areas impacting the business community, across nearly every industry, including:

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