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Jan 29, 2013

Physicians Spend Nearly 11 Percent Of Their 40-Year Careers With An Open, Unresolved Malpractice Claim

A study published in Health Affairs found that the average physician spends 50.7 months—nearly 11 percent—of an assumed forty-year career with an unresolved, open malpractice claim. The authors analyzed data from 40,916 physicians covered by a nationwide insurer. Although damages are a factor in how doctors perceive medical malpractice, even more distressing for the doctor and the patient may be the amount of time claims take to be adjudicated.

The authors conclude that it is important to assess malpractice reforms by how well they are able to reduce the time involved in malpractice litigation without undermining the needs of the affected patient.

Read the study here (subscription required).

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