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Oct 9, 2007

Justice Served as City of Beverly Hills and Beverly Hills Unified School District Receive Reimbursement in Oil Well Litigation

Another Erin Brockovich Lawsuit Shown to be “Without Merit”

SACRAMENTO -The Civil Justice Association of California today congratulated the City of Beverly Hills and the Beverly Hills Unified School District for standing their ground and not only defeating a junk science lawsuit filed by the Erin Brockovich law firm, but winning nearly half a million dollars from the personal injury lawyers involved to reimburse taxpayers for the cost of defending the lawsuit.

The judge’s ruling (See attached joint news release from the city and school district) brings an end to more than four years of costly environmental testing and litigation and will return $450,000 to local governments. This case included more than a dozen different claims that were subsequently tossed out of court.

“This ruling finally puts to rest an attempt by lawyers fronted by Erin Brockovich to basically defraud Beverly Hills taxpayers via its city and school,” said John H. Sullivan, President of the Civil Justice Association of California. “It is also additional evidence that money, not good science or truth, is the motivation behind this brand of lawsuit.”

Sullivan said the toxic exposure quackery in the Beverly Hills case was first uncovered by California newswoman Norma Zager. While working at the Beverly Hills Courier, she researched the bogus science behind the suit long before the court’s initial ruling in March of this year. She was honored in 2004 by the Los Angeles Press Club and her reporting was chronicled by the Columbia Law Review in an article that same year entitled, “Muckraker 90210: A Most Unlikely Reporter Nails Erin Brockovich.” To go to article click here.

At last report, Brockovich was trolling a remote region of the Australian Outback attempting to foment litigation against a mining company.

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