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Jun 2, 1997

Early Report Card on Civil Justice Legislation Shows Committees Moving Bills That Would Increase Wasteful Litigation

Legislative committees dealing with civil justice have tended so far this year to approve bills that would undermine California’s economic recovery and to hold up legislation to deter wasteful lawsuits.

May 8, 1997

Trial Lawyers Abuse Unfair Competition Act to Increase Fees

Attorneys abusing the state’s Unfair Competition Act to bring frivolous lawsuits will be reined in by bills before legislative committees next week.

May 6, 1997

Legislature Looks at Resurrecting Proposition 211

A bill echoing the heart of the securities lawyers’ unsuccessful Proposition 211 is set for its first committee hearing in Sacramento May 14.

Mar 19, 1997

California Personal Injury Trial Lawyers Go To Court in an Effort to Subvert the Will of California Voters

California’s personal injury lawyers are scheduled to be in court tomorrow in an effort to thwart the will of the 77% of Californians who voted for a fairer, less expensive auto liability system with their passage of Proposition 213 last November.

Mar 13, 1997

Study in San Diego Courts Provides New Evidence of Punitive Damage Abuses

Data from San Diego County’s superior court provides further evidence of runaway punitive damage claims in California.

Mar 4, 1997

Civil Justice Association of California Comments on Governor Pete Wilson's Legal Reform Package and High Tech Industry

“The misguided securities lawsuits that Proposition 211 thrust into the spotlight last year are one of several breeds of wasteful litigation that have been pounding at high tech companies. The Governor’s five-point package targets other these areas of high concern, like abuse of the state’s Unfair Competition Act and punitive damage laws.

Feb 27, 1997

Civil Justice Association of California Comments on Governor's Legal Reform Package Announced Today

“The Governor’s five-point package is a solid, refined plan targeted at areas of law which the trial lawyer industry has been twisting to its monetary ends. The Legislature should treat these bills as balanced proposals that will benefit the vast majority of Californians who know that unjustified suing hurts the economy.”

Jan 6, 1997

California Supreme Court: No Duty to Help Robber

The California Supreme Court ruled today that Kentucky Fried Chicken cannot be sued by a customer who claimed emotional distress after being held at gunpoint by a man who robbed the company’s restaurant in Redondo Beach in 1993.

Dec 3, 1996

Civil Justice Association of California Comments on California Business Roundtable Business Climate Survey

“For the fourth year in a row, California’s business leaders have identified the state’s liability laws as the leading negative drag on our economy. This is a situation that well preceded the trial lawyers’ propositions [211 and 207] on the November ballot and, unfortunately, will continue as a major problem until the Legislature steps in with some balanced reforms,” said John H. Sullivan, president of the Civil Justice Association of California.

Nov 7, 1996

Trial Laywers Spend Big on Tuesday's Election

Trial lawyers pumped an amazing $1,300,000 into 14 of the hottest legislative races in Tuesday’s elections.

Oct 8, 1996

California Supreme Court to Hear Arguments in Controversial Kentucky Fried Chicken v. Los Angeles Superior Court

Oral arguments will be heard by the California Supreme Court Wednesday, October 9 in the highly controversial Kentucky Fried Chicken v. Los Angeles Superior Court case, which resulted from a Redondo Beach fast food restaurant holdup in which a thug took a customer hostage at gunpoint and threatened to shoot her because the clerk wasn’t quick enough opening the case register.

Sep 25, 1996

Leading Legal ReformGroup Applauds Governor's Opposition to Proposition 207

The Civil Justice Association of California (CJAC) has applauded Governor Wilson for opposing Prop. 207, the November ballot initiative that would block future Legislatures from controlling unreasonable attorney’s fees.

Aug 30, 1996

Legislature Fails to Act on Lawsuit Abuse Reform

The Legislature will end the 1995-96 Session tomorrow without acting to improve California’s liability laws.

Aug 21, 1996

Legal Reform Brings Remarkable Recovery to California General Aviation

General aviation in California has enjoyed a happy landing from the terrors of sky-high litigation that only a few years ago was nearly grounding the entire industry.

Aug 8, 1996

Leading Legal Reform Group Applauds President Clinton's Opposition to Proposition 211

The following is a statement from John H. Sullivan, president of the Civil Justice Association of California, in response to President Clinton’s announcement of his opposition to Proposition 211, the securities lawyers’ attempt to circumvent federal securities litigation reform:

Aug 6, 1996

New Study Demonstrates Chilling Effet of California's Employment Laws

One in every five California businesses has restricted hiring because of employment lawsuits, according to a survey by a San Francisco-based public policy firm. Forty-eight percent of the businesses say the state’s employment termination laws have made liability insurance more expensive, while 11 percent say these laws have actually caused a reduction in the number of employees on payroll.

Aug 5, 1996

New Evidence Points to Misuse of Punitive Damages

Further evidence of runaway punitive damage claims is presented in a four-county study by the Civil Justice Association of California (CJAC). The study found that nearly a third of all contract and tort cases involved demands for punitive damages.

Jul 31, 1996

Legal Reform Moves Ahead in Other States

Significant lawsuit abuse reform legislation measures have recently been enacted in many states that compete with California for jobs and businesses, but California has yet to act on a number of civil justice reform bills still pending in the state Senate.

Jul 15, 1996

Legal Reform Association Says Trial Lawyers Wield Too Much Influence with State Democrats

The Civil Justice Association of California (CJAC) has denounced the strong-arm tactics employed by trial lawyers to push the California Democratic Party’s Executive Committee into endorsing their frivolous securities litigation initiative.

May 31, 1996

Assembly Passes Major Legal Reforms

The State Assembly today passed several major legal reform bills, sending a clear message that the Legislature has acknowledged that California’s liability laws need fixing and that 1996 could be the year to make it happen.

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