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Nov 2, 2009

Assemblyman Mike Feuer Honored with Civil Justice Leadership Award

SACRAMENTO — Assemblyman Mike Feuer (42nd District), chair of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, will be honored on Tuesday, November 3, by the Civil Justice Association of California (CJAC) for his leadership during the 2009-10 legislative session.

During this past legislative session, Feuer authored Assembly Bill 83, which amends California’s Health and Safety Code to ensure that liability protections extend to all “Good Samaritans” who help out in good faith at the scene of an emergency.

The legislation, which went into effect immediately, was authored in response to a California Supreme Court decision in which the court ruled that the Health and Safety Code is written to provide liability protection only to medical professionals who provide emergency medical care.

“Because of the passage of Assembly Bill 83, Good Samaritans today have no reason to hesitate to responsibly help someone in an emergency out of fear that they might be sued,” said Feuer. “I’m proud of the broad coalition that came together to make this common sense law possible. I’m pleased to have taken part in this effort, and humbled to receive this honor.”

John H. Sullivan, CJAC president, commended Assemblyman Feuer for his dedication to making sure issues are fairly presented and all sides are fairly heard before the Judiciary Committee.

Added Kim Stone, CJAC’s vice president-legislation: “We are pleased to present Assemblyman Feuer with our Civil Justice Leadership Award for his work on this bill and his performance as Judiciary Committee chairman.”

Assemblyman Feuer’s district stretches from Los Feliz to West Los Angeles, including Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, and to San Fernando Valley neighborhoods from Sherman Oaks to Universal City.

The Civil Justice Association of California annually recognizes lawmakers whose commitment to balance and fairness in California’s civil justice system benefits consumers, taxpayers, and businesses of all kinds.

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