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Additional Resources

  • American Justice Partnership
    The American Justice Partnership is a national nonprofit coalition of leading corporations, think tanks, foundations, trade associations, individuals and organizations advocating for legal reform, primarily at the state level.
  • American Tort Reform Association
    The American Tort Reform Association (ATRA) is a national advocate of legal reform. Organized in 1986, ATRA has a large and diverse membership, consisting of 375 organizations: non-profit corporations, public agencies, professional societies, trade associations, large corporations and small businesses.
  • Business Roundtable
    Business Roundtable is an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. corporations with a combined workforce of more than 10 million employees in the United States. The Roundtable is committed to advocating public policies that ensure vigorous economic growth, a dynamic global economy, and the well-trained and productive U.S. workforce essential for future competitiveness. The Roundtable has a standing Civil Justice Reform Task Force.
  • California Courts Online Self-Help Center
    This website will help you find assistance and information, work better with an attorney, and represent yourself in some legal matters. It is provided as a public service by the State Judicial Council, part of the California Court System.
  • Californians Allied for Patient Protection
    Californians Allied for Patient Protection provides information on and works to protect the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) of 1975.
  • Center for Legal Policy, The Manhattan Institute
    For 25 years, the Manhattan Institute has been an important force in shaping American political culture. It has supported and publicized research on our era’s most challenging public policy issues: taxes, welfare, crime, the legal system, urban life, race, education, and many other topics. We have won new respect for market-oriented policies and helped make reform a reality.
  • Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse
    Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan grassroots movement of concerned citizens and businesses who are fighting against lawsuit abuse in California. CALA serves as a watchdog to challenge the abuse of our civil justice system, and engages the public and the media to deliver the message that lawsuit abuse is alive and well in California — and that all Californians are paying the price.
  • Institute for Legal Reform
    The U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (ILR) is fighting to make America’s civil justice system simpler, fairer and faster for all.
  • Lawyers for Civil Justice
    Created by defense trial lawyers and corporate counsel, Lawyers for Civil Justice (LCJ) is a national coalition supporting excellence, fairness and improvements within the civil justice system. It supports activities at both the state and national level designed to achieve reforms, which will ensure balance in the civil justice system.
  • NuisanceLaw.com
    NuisanceLaw.com is a collaboration of expert legal practitioners and academicians to serve as an educational resource to help legal professionals and the public develop a more thorough understanding of public nuisance law’s application and misapplication. The web site brings together the knowledge of experts from leading law firms, institutions of higher learning, and public policy organizations.
  • Overlawyered.com
    Overlawyered.com explores an American legal system that too often turns litigation into a weapon against guilty and innocent alike, erodes individual responsibility, rewards sharp practice, enriches its participants at the public’s expense, and resists even modest efforts at reform and accountability.
  • Rand Institute for Civil Justice
    The RAND Institute for Civil Justice facilitates change in the civil justice system by analyzing trends and outcomes, identifying and evaluating policy options, and bringing together representatives of different interests to debate alternative solutions to policy problems.
  • Washington Legal Foundation
    The Washington Legal Foundation advocates free-enterprise principles, responsible government, property rights, a strong national security and defense, and balanced civil and criminal justice systems. Its three essential programs are shaping public policy through aggressive litigation and advocacy; publishing timely legal studies; and educating policy-makers and the public through extensive communications outreach.
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