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Civil Justice Leadership Awards

CJAC annually recognizes those whose commitment to balance and fairness in California’s civil justice system benefits consumers, taxpayers, and businesses of all kinds.

In 2012, CJAC honored Assemblymembers Ricardo Lara (50th District), Richard Pan (5th District), Brian Nestande (64th District), and Joan Buchanan (15th District), as well as Senator Michael Rubio (16th District)

In 2011, CJAC honored Senator Lou Correa (34th District), as well as Assemblymembers Henry Perea (31st District), Don Wagner (70th District), and Alyson Huber (10th District).

In the 2009-10 legislative session, CJAC honored Assemblymember Mike Feuer (42nd District) and Senator John Benoit (37th District).

CJAC also honored Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for his outstanding record on civil justice issues throughout his governorship.

In the 2007-08 legislative session, CJAC honored Assemblymembers Roger Niello (5th District), Anna Caballero (28th District), and Anthony Adams (59th District).

CJAC also honored Thomas J. Campbell , dean of the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley, for his persistent work to improve the nation’s civil justice system.

In the 2006-07 legislative session, CJAC honored Assemblymembers Cathleen Galgiani (17th District), Greg Aghazarian (26th District), and Todd Spitzer (71st District); Senator Tom Harman (35th District), and former Senator Bill Morrow (38th District).

In the 2005-06 legislative session, CJAC honored Assemblymembers Nicole Parra (30th District) and Joe Canciamilla (11th District).

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