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Briefing on Proposed New Trial Court Funding Methodology

Posted on 04/15/2013 @ 04:00 PM

Tags: Courts

This Friday, April 19th, the Judicial Council's Trial Court Budget Working Group will hold briefings on planned changes to the allocation of trial court funds. Sacramento Presiding Judge Laurie Earl and members of the Funding Methodology Subcommittee will lead a series of three two-hour presentations about the proposed new system at the Legislative Office Building, 1020 N Street, Room 100, in downtown Sacramento across the street from the State Capitol.

Interested parties may attend any one of the three presentations which are scheduled for 9:00 AM, 11:30 AM, and 2:00 PM. For more information contact the Judicial Council's office at 916-323-3121. For information on the Trial Court Budget Working Group visit www.courts.ca.gov/3046.htm.

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Day at the Capitol is One Week Away

Posted on 03/06/2013 @ 03:00 PM

Here's a reminder that one week from today CJAC and the California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse will be hosting our 3rd annual Day at the Capitol. The day will include a luncheon with lawsuit victims and legal experts, meetings with legislators in the afternoon, and a reception that evening. You can find more details on the agenda.

Please remember that we can provide and/or pay for travel arrangements for a limited number of participants.

For more information or to RSVP email us at cjac@cjac.org. Thanks!

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Day at the Capitol - March 13th

Posted on 01/22/2013 @ 03:00 PM

Tags: Legislature, Legal Climate, Legal Reform

Our third annual Day at the Capitol will be on Wednesday, March 13th this year! CJAC and the California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse are teaming up again to bring legal reform advocates from across the state to the Capitol.

Activities will include a luncheon with a panel of lawsuit abuse victims and legal reform experts, meetings with elected officials and an evening reception. For more information or to RSVP email us at cjac@cjac.org.

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Mixed News for Courts in Gov's Proposed Budget

Posted on 01/10/2013 @ 03:00 PM

Tags: Courts

Governor Jerry Brown released his proposed 2013-14 budget today, and while it was good to see that the administration avoided taking any more from the trial court reserve funds, it would take an additional $200 million from court construction funds.

This would mean indefinite delays in courthouse construction for an already overburdened court system, which has had its funding cut by about 30 percent over the last five years.

CJAC will continue to advocate against more cuts to the judicial branch and for restoring the funds the courts have lost. You can read more about the Governor's budget here.

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CA Supreme Court Rules Defendants Who Win ADA Lawsuits Can Receive Attorney's Fees

Posted on 12/18/2012 @ 03:00 PM

Tags: Americans With Disabilities Act

A major California Supreme Court ruling was issued yesterday in which the Court found that plaintiffs who lose disabled access lawsuits are liable for the defendant's attorney's fees.

In Jankey v. Lee, the plaintiff sued the owner of K&D Market, a small grocery store in San Francisco's Mission District, and argued that California law requiring fee awards to whomever wins was preempted by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act. The Supreme Court ruled that California law makes an award of fees to any prevailing party mandatory, and "the ADA does not preempt this part of the state's attorney fee scheme for disability access suits." This allows K&D Market to receive $118,458 in attorney's fees.

One-sided attorney's fees have been an enormous factor in the proliferation of disability access claims in California. Defendants had no incentive to fight a claim in court because even if they prevailed they would still have to pay their own attorney's fees. So, it was always cheaper to settle.

We applaud the Supreme Court for a great decision. You can read the ruling here.

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