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Register Now for the CJAC/CALA Day at the Capitol!

Posted on 01/26/2016 @ 01:00 PM

The Civil Justice Association of California and California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse cordially invite you to join us at our 2016 Day at the Capitol, Tuesday, March 15, 2016 in Sacramento, CA.

We encourage your attendance at one of our most important events of the year, our 2016 Day at the Capitol! The Day at the Capitol is an opportunity to bring real-world stories of lawsuit abuse to Legislators in Sacramento. Please join us as we continue to advocate for the improvement of California’s civil liability system.

The day begins at noon with guest speakers and lunch followed by Legislator visits and an evening reception.

Click here to register.

We hope to see you there!

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Mark Your Calendars: CJAC/CALA 6th Annual Day at the Capitol

Posted on 01/13/2016 @ 09:00 AM

March 15, 2016 is the day! CJAC and CALA will host Day at the Capitol for CJAC and CALA members as well as interested members of the community. Activities will include a welcome lunch, meetings with Legislators at the Capitol, and an evening reception with Legislators. Stay tuned; more details to follow.

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Monkey See, Monkey Sue Update

Posted on 01/12/2016 @ 09:00 AM

A judge in San Francisco has ruled on what came to be one of the most ridiculous lawsuits of 2015. To read the full story, click here.

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Monkey See, Monkey Sue

Posted on 10/28/2015 @ 10:00 AM

“A monkey, an animal rights organization and a primatologist walk into federal court…” Read this lawyer’s delightful response to PETA’s absurd monkey selfie lawsuit. Click here to read the story.

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Press-Telegram Op-Ed: Why lead paint lawsuits are a dud for California cities, counties: Carmen Trutanich

Posted on 10/28/2015 @ 10:00 AM

In today’s Press Telegram, Carmen Trutanich, former city attorney for Los Angeles, addresses the long reach of lead-paint lawsuits into the private sector.

Among his points he opines:

It appears that those who joined this lawsuit failed to consider the possible impacts to private property owners by the court’s findings. For example, the verdict, in essence, labels “every” painted residential building, constructed prior to 1981, as a “public nuisance.”

This label remains with the structure until it is inspected, and if lead paint is found, until the lead paint is abated or removed, and then passes re-inspection. In essence, the findings transfer the stigma of lead paint to every single private property owner via judicial decree, in exchange for money to the cities, counties, and of course, the lawyers.

How will the entire abatement process for all these properties be handled so as not to impact property values? And who do you think is going to actually pay for all this to happen?

Homeowners and landlords whose properties are labeled a “public nuisance” could see drastic declines in home values. And the hardship won’t be isolated to the private sector; governments will suffer too. Tax revenues will fall as property taxes decrease.

To read the entire op-ed, click here.

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