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The Sacramento Bee: Editorial: Help the disabled by fixing ADA scams

Posted on 09/15/2014 @ 10:00 AM

The Sacramento Bee, in a recent editorial, examines the effect that “unscrupulous lawyers and phony victims” and their “legal extortion scams” have on small businesses: paying out thousands of dollars or closing altogether and creating a sense of fear of disabled clients coming to their doors.

To read the editorial, click here.

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Support plummets for California health initiatives

Posted on 09/11/2014 @ 10:00 AM

The Sacramento Bee today reports on the latest Field Poll results that support for a pair of health-related ballot initiatives is eroding, though a large portion of voters remain undecided eight weeks before the Nov. 4 election.

Proposition 45 would require health insurance rate changes to be approved by the state’s elected insurance commissioner and Proposition 46 would mandate random drug testing of doctors and quadruple the state’s $250,000 limit on medical malpractice awards. CJAC has taken an oppose position on both.

To read the article, click here.

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Help us celebrate Prop. 64’s 10th birthday!

Posted on 09/10/2014 @ 10:29 AM

You are cordially invited to join us for a celebration of Prop. 64's 10th birthday on October 8, 2014, at Cafeteria 15L-Ultra Room, 1116 15th Street, Sacramento, CA, 95814 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Prop 64 was the 2004 initiative to close the loophole that let personal injury lawyers file shakedown lawsuits based on the unfair competition law.

Click here to download the Prop 64 Celebration Invitation/RSVP.

Please contact Susan Loscotoff if you have questions or to RSVP at sloscotoff@cjac.org or 916-443-4900.

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Modesto Bee-Editorial: Help the disabled by fixing ADA lawsuits

Posted on 09/08/2014 @ 10:29 AM

The Modesto Bee ran an editorial over the weekend regarding a series of articles that recently appeared in the Modesto Bee and the Merced Sun-Star about the rash of predatory ADA lawsuits being filed in the Central Valley. The editorial draws on CJAC President Kim Stone’s knowledge of these types of cases and what might be done to preserve the tenets of the ADA while protecting small businesses from costly lawsuits.

To read the editorial, click here.

To read the Bee and Sun Star articles: http://www.modbee.com/2014/08/30/3513067/california-is-no-1-in-ada-lawsuits.html; http://www.mercedsunstar.com/2014/08/29/3819974/two-target-merced-county-businesses.html

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Arizona pedophile targets Modesto businesses by suing for disability discrimination

Posted on 08/27/2014 @ 10:29 AM

The Modesto Bee recently reported on the activities of an “Arizona pedophile” who, except when incarcerated, has left his Arizona home for short trips to California where he targets businesses to sue for ADA violations.

To read the the entire article click here.

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