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Civil Justice Leadership Awards Luncheons Begin

By Todd Roberson on 12/01/2011 @ 10:48 PM

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This week CJAC held its first two luncheons to present our 2011 Civil Justice Leadership Awards. On Tuesday we presented an award to Senator Lou Correa in Anaheim with over 30 guests in attendance (Correa is pictured here with CJAC Legislative Director Katherine Pettibone on the left and President Kim Stone on the right.) IMG_5642.JPGHe received the award for being a strong ally against legislation that would increase unwarranted lawsuits and for authoring SB 883, which unfortunately did not pass but would have established immunity for employers who rely in good faith on the rules of the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement.


Yesterday we traveled to Fresno to present an award to Assemblymember Henry Perea (pictured here between Katherine and Kim), and his luncheon was attended by almost 40 guests. IMG_5651.JPGPerea received his award for opposing harmful legislation as well and for authoring AB 1219, which was signed into law and allows gas stations to ask customers for their zip codes at pay-at-the-pump stations in order to deter fraud. As we have mentioned before this bill was necessary after a California Supreme Court ruling resulted in hundreds of suits against a variety of businesses for requesting customers' zip codes.

Next week we will hold luncheons for our other two award recipients:

Assemblymember Don Wagner (R-70th Assembly District)
Wednesday, December 7th in Irvine

Wagner is receiving the award for being a consistent, strong voice for civil justice reform as Vice-Chair of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, which hears hundreds of bills each year that impact the civil justice system. He has authored and supported a number of bills that would bring balance to California's legal system.

Assemblymember Alyson Huber (D-10th Assembly District)
Thursday, December 8th in Sacramento

Huber, also a member of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, is receiving the award for her independent, open-minded approach to civil justice issues, which has resulted in her opposing several proposals that would have worsened California's legal climate.


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